When searching for fancy chintz, English linen or luxurious silk, Gerhard Staltner and Ludwig Fürlinger have all along been the prominent address in the 1st district. In March 2002, after 20 successful years in business, they retired and handed over their well-established business to Bettina Hirsch-Stronstorff. In summer 2015, the store was relocated to the 9th district.

Fabrics are our passion

Whether exclusive and opulent, plain and simple, classic or modern, in our store you will find the fabric that suits you best. We also offer fabrics unavailable elsewhere, like Fortuny, Burger, George Le Manach and Josef Frank, for example. In addition, we offer complementary products: posamentry, aesthetic wallpaper, rugs, lamps and sundry accessories.

Our list of suppliers indicates the sheer endless diversity of possibilities. Thanks to our own sewing atelier on the premises, individual customer requests can be discussed directly with our seamstress. Our love of textiles and our passion to work with them, as well as personal consultation and customer service, are our ultimate objective.